Ryan Norman

Ryan's curiosity in science and energy started with early childhood Star Trek: TNG marathons with his mother and grew to a fully-formed fascination with energy systems and their countless possibilities. As he attended university, he gained a deeper understanding of the physical and political contexts that make energy innovation so vital and began studying how we might turn science fiction into science future. This unyielding curiosity and a desire to advance change on a global scale led him to continue studies in global affairs and environmental policy. Ryan graduated from Rutgers University in 2019 and began working in civic engagement and education.

As an educator in New Jersey, he demonstrated a keen ability to shape narrative and connect the importance of subject matter to the need for engagement. Ryan transitioned from organizing students to organizing advocates from intersectional communities in the fight for climate action. Across this stream of work, he focused on efforts to support environmental justice polices, educate communities on the impacts of energy producers, and promote broad support for investments in renewable energy. As a Policy Advisor for Third Way's Climate and Energy Program, Ryan advocates the importance of nuclear energy to US economic, climate, and national security interests and the critical role nuclear energy will play towards achieving the US' long-term climate and energy goals.

When he isn't deep diving into a new book on energy policy or climate impacts, Ryan is usually building his talent as an amateur winemaker, writing and recording new music, or learning how to become a better plant dad.

Published November 7, 2023

Nuclear Fuel is a National Security Imperative

Published October 26, 2023

Nuclear Export Financing Today and Tomorrow


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