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Our team works to keep national security on the front burner for policymakers. We educate Members of Congress on emerging threats, developing and promoting policy ideas to make America strong and safe, and conducting narrative and messaging research to help progressives be tough and smart on national security.

Roadmap to strengthen us cyber enforcement header
Published November 12, 2020

A Roadmap to Strengthen US Cyber Enforcement: Where Do We Go From Here?

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Published September 17, 2020

2020 Thematic Brief: Trump Investigations

Thirdway in the News
Published July 6, 2020

The Russian bounties on US troops in Afghanistan scandal, explained

Thirdway in the News
Roll Call
Published June 15, 2020

Common Defense: Too many emergencies

Thirdway in the News
Roll Call
Published April 7, 2020

Defense industry on sidelines, for now, during pandemic fight

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