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We are forging common ground on contentious social issues, while fighting efforts to turn back the clock on social progress. What does that look like? We’ve helped unite faith communities and LGBT advocates around the shared value of commitment in marriage, and advocated for gun safety measures that protect responsible owners and do more to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

HG Crime Facts v5
Published August 25, 2022

Facts to Prepare Dems for “Soft-On-Crime” Attacks

Header electability of lgbtq candidates
Published March 17, 2022

The “Electability” of LGBTQ Candidates

Third Way in the news
The Daily Beast
Published July 12, 2021

Police Reform, LGBTQ Rights, Voting: The Disappearing Dem Agenda

Shutterstock 529874140 Header
Published June 29, 2020

Protecting LGBT Employees and Religious Liberty

Third Way Applauds Introduction of The Equality Act
Press Release
Published March 13, 2019

Third Way Applauds Introduction of The Equality Act


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