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Our team advances forward thinking policy ideas to ensure affordable, high-quality health care for everyone. We believe that defending and improving the Affordable Care Act is the key for expanding coverage. And we believe that our nation can keep health care costs down by improving the patient experience—when patients stay healthy, or get better quicker, they need less care.

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Published April 13, 2022

Capping Families’ Health Care Costs: Savings by State

Gaining Equity with Automatic Health Coverage v2
Published June 2, 2022

Gaining Equity with Automatic Health Coverage

Third Way in the news
Inside Health Policy
Published January 13, 2023

Third Way Proposes To Cap OOP Costs For People With Chronic Illnesses

Endmedicaldebt 02
Published January 10, 2023

End Medical Debt

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Published December 19, 2022

Millions of Americans Face High Health Costs Year after Year

Chronic Care Cost Cap 01
Published December 19, 2022

Chronic Care Cost Cap

HG Why the Lack of Diverse Physicians Matters v2 02
Published December 14, 2022

Why the Lack of Diverse Physicians Matters

HG Clinical Trial Diversity 01
Published November 17, 2022

Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials


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