We bring a unique expertise on how to appeal to voters in some of the most purple parts of the country. Our team uses in-depth public opinion research and original analysis to unite progressives around a broad path to power at all levels of government and debunk outdated electoral theories. Our team is undertaking a major project to overhaul our electoral system in ways that radically increase participation and make our system more representative of the people it is supposed to serve.

Header economic trust gap
Published July 1, 2021

Democrats Face an Economic Trust Gap in 2022

HG Runoff Elections
Published July 21, 2021

High Costs and Low Turnout for U.S. Runoff Elections

Published June 24, 2021

Majority Makers: Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District

Thirdway in the News
Published September 1, 2021

‘I Love Him More Than I Hate Ted Cruz’

Thirdway in the News
The Washington Post
Published August 5, 2021

Opinion: The media is figuring out that Biden was right: Left-wing Twitter is not real life

Thirdway in the News
Published August 4, 2021

Ohio upset's '22 clues

Thirdway in the News
New York Times
Published August 4, 2021

Democratic Insider and a Republican Backed by Trump Win Ohio House Races

Thirdway in the News
The Hill
Published August 3, 2021

Five takeaways from the Ohio special primaries

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