Higher education is now critical to securing a middle-class lifestyle, but our education system is still built around 20th century ideas. We’re focused on moving the K-12 and higher education debates toward policies that improve outcomes so that every student leaves our education system with more opportunities than before they started.

Republican Registered Voters Support Higher Education Reform 01
Published January 5, 2023

Republican Voters Support Higher Education Reform

HG Grad Student Debt v1
Published December 6, 2022

5 Things We Don’t Know About Graduate Student Debt

Third Way in the news
Published January 20, 2023

Carleton Is Latest Liberal Arts College To Add Tech-Based Apprenticeships

Third Way in the news
Stat News
Published January 19, 2023

Medical school rankings need a new metric: economic mobility index

Third Way in the news
Times Higher Education
Published January 19, 2023

What would a President DeSantis mean for US higher education?

Third Way in the news
The Well News
Published January 17, 2023

Student Mental Health Surveys Forecast College Retention Troubles

Third Way in the news
Inside Higher Ed
Published January 13, 2023

Education Department Plans to Publish List of Low-Performing Programs


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