We bring a unique expertise on how to appeal to voters in some of the most purple parts of the country. Our team uses in-depth public opinion research and original analysis to unite progressives around a broad path to power at all levels of government and debunk outdated electoral theories. Our team is undertaking a major project to overhaul our electoral system in ways that radically increase participation and make our system more representative of the people it is supposed to serve.

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Published June 18, 2019

Avoiding the Funhouse Mirror Effect in the Democratic Primary

Kill Caucuses And Closed Primaries Header V2
Published April 9, 2019

Kill Caucuses and Closed Primaries

Abramsstacey 040319Getty Lead
Thirdway in the News
Published April 8, 2019

A blueprint for Democratic victory in the South

Published July 23, 2018

Texas District Visit

Thirdway in the News
Published June 5, 2018

The Cha Cha Slide of the Democratic Party

Published February 23, 2018

District Visits

Thirdway in the News
NPR's Morning Edition
Published February 16, 2018

How Immigration Policy Motivates Voters

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