We bring a unique expertise on how to appeal to voters in some of the most purple parts of the country. Our team uses in-depth public opinion research and original analysis to unite progressives around a broad path to power at all levels of government and debunk outdated electoral theories. Our team is undertaking a major project to overhaul our electoral system in ways that radically increase participation and make our system more representative of the people it is supposed to serve.

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Published December 30, 2019

A Nuanced Picture of What Black Americans Want in 2020

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Published December 11, 2019

Creating an Updraft for Down-Ballot Democrats in 2020

Frontliner headergraphic v3 01
Published October 15, 2019

Swing Seat Dems Made The Majority, Can They Keep It?

Thirdway in the News
CBS News
Published December 31, 2019

CBS News: What black Americans want in 2020

Thirdway in the News
Published October 3, 2019

Third Way poll: What could government do to improve your life?

3 Polling Header chess
Published October 2, 2019

Poll Toplines: Run the 2018 Playbook

Polling Header V2 Chess
Published June 18, 2019

Poll Toplines: Winning over Primary Voters

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Published June 18, 2019

Avoiding the Funhouse Mirror Effect in the Democratic Primary

Thirdway in the News
Published April 2, 2019

Sanders sharpens the choice Democrats face on health care

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