David de la Fuente

David de la Fuente became passionate about politics during the2000 presidential election, when he was an elementary school student in Dallas,Texas. Since then, he has followed politics intensely for both professional andpersonal reasons—he watched as his father earned the right to vote in 2002 andas his mother voted for the first time in 2004, at his urging. David firstvolunteered on campaigns as a high school student in 2006’s midterm election, whenGeorge W. Bush’s native Dallas County transformed from a Republican strongholdto one in which Democrats have won 99% of countywide elections in the pastdecade. Hooked, he has pursued a political career since that cycle.

David is the Senior Political Analyst in the Social Policy and PoliticsProgram at Third Way. There, he researches and writes about political andelectoral trends, manages the organization’s electoral reform work, and servesas a liaison between political campaigns and the organization. Previously,David created research and rapid response reports at the Democratic SenatorialCampaign Committee, led political and PAC research endeavors at NARALPro-Choice America, coordinated field activities at the Dallas CountyDemocratic Party, and served as a representative for Congressman Marc Veasey.

David graduated with Bachelors of Science and Arts from SouthernMethodist University. He is the Democratic Party’s international officer to theInternational Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY), serves on the advisory boardfor High School Democrats of America, and is on the board of directors for theSMU Washington, D.C. Alumni Chapter.

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