Rowen Price

Rowen has always loved learning about the natural world and how humans fit into it, which meant it was a perfect match when she first had the chance to learn about nuclear energy in college. Having gotten her start in the field working on nuclear nonproliferation, Rowen now applies that knowledge and her interest in the intersection of technology and policy to her role as Policy Advisor on Third Way's Nuclear Energy team. She supports Third Way's efforts to research and advocate for sustainable, effective advanced nuclear deployment to contribute to global decarbonization efforts.

Before joining Third Way, Rowen managed international capacity-building projects on nuclear security and infrastructural needs for deploying advanced and small modular reactors at CRDF Global. Her project management work there was informed by her time at the Stimson Center, where she conducted research on spent fuel management, international safeguards, nuclear security, and other topics related to WMD nonproliferation. While there, Rowen also researched the potential impacts of advanced non-light water reactors on management and safeguards approaches for spent fuel. Rowen earned a BA in Political Science and Chinese from Middlebury College.

When not talking about her favorite nuclear energy topics, Rowen likes to swim, play with her dog, and try all of the noodles in the DC area.

Published September 20, 2023

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Published June 28, 2023

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