Alan’s fascination with nuclear energy can be traced back to his high school chemistry class, when his teacher debunked common misconceptions about nuclear power popularized by The Simpsons. He didn’t know it yet, but these lessons would stick with him throughout his education and into his professional career.

As Senior Resident Fellow for Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program, Alan communicates the importance of nuclear energy to US economic, climate, and national security interests and the critical role nuclear energy will play in domestic and international decarbonization strategies. He also helps demonstrate the economic benefits that investment in existing and advanced nuclear reactors offer for communities across the nation in the form of good-paying, often union jobs.

Alan earned his B.S. in International Political Economy from Georgetown University and his Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) from the Fletcher School at Tufts University. Before joining Third Way, Alan spent 10 years as the Director of Programs and Communication at the Global America Business Institute (GABI), where he managed research and policy dialogues on a range of clean energy issues. His principal focus at GABI was nuclear energy, with an emphasis on the value of innovation and international cooperation in advancing robust development and use of nuclear science and technology worldwide. During his time at GABI, he helped convene a variety of stakeholders across different industries to foster multinational and industry collaboration on nuclear energy.

When not working on climate change and other matters of global significance, Alan can be found helping the local ecosystem by angling for invasive fish species, a pastime he picked up during quarantine. Originally from Los Angeles, Alan is a long-suffering Raiders fan and now lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, son, daughter, and Pomeranian, Meemo.



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