Our team designs and advocates for policies that will drive innovation and deployment of clean energy technologies, and deliver the emissions cuts we need to win the fight against climate change. The more low-carbon options we have to work with, the better our chances of success. That’s why we’re proud to be part of a large and growing community promoting evidence-based solutions to the climate challenge that include advanced nuclear and carbon capture technology, as well as renewables, hydropower, existing nuclear, energy storage, and efficiency.

Its Time for America to Become the Arsenal of Clean Energy 04
Published March 24, 2022

Making the US the World’s Arsenal of Clean Energy

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Talking Points
Published April 8, 2022

How Democrats Should Talk About the Oil and Gas Crisis

Third Way in the news
The Hill
Published May 16, 2022

America’s neglect of nuclear energy has weakened our global influence

Existing Nuclear Video Header Image
Published February 3, 2022

Why We Need To Save Our Nuclear Power Plants

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Published September 10, 2021

Importance of Preserving Existing Nuclear

Third Way in the news
Our Daily Planet
Published May 24, 2021

Our Biggest Source of Clean Energy Is on the Line. We Have a Short Window to Save It.


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