Curran McSwigan

Curran is Third Way’s 2021 Economic Program Fellow, supporting the team in their work to develop and advance a modern policy agenda for America’s toughest economic problems.

After earning a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Economics at Johns Hopkins University, Curran worked in communications at Global Citizen, an organization working to address the systemic causes of extreme poverty. There she saw firsthand the power of grassroots advocacy in galvanizing meaningful policy change at the highest levels. Interested in pursuing a career focused on supporting inclusive economic growth and mobility for all communities, she moved to Washington DC to attend graduate school at George Washington University. Curran received her Master’s in Public Policy in 2020.

After graduating, Curran interned at the Economic Innovation Group conducting research and developing policy solutions aimed at forging a more dynamic U.S. economy. Most recently, Curran was a fellow in USAID’s Global Health Bureau, where she worked on policy issues at the intersection of health access, disease elimination and economic development.

In her free time, Curran enjoys attending concerts, rooting for Philadelphia sports teams and spending too much money on coffee.


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