Third Way Cyber Enforcement Initiative

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Third Way Cyber Enforcement Initiative

Third Way’s Cyber Enforcement Initiative is the first ever non-partisan public policy initiative dedicated specifically to developing and implementing a comprehensive enforcement strategy against global cyber attackers. In partnership with a distinguished Advisory Board comprised of former US government law enforcement, cybersecurity, and diplomatic officials, industry representatives, and experts, Third Way will seek to develop and push for policy action aimed at enhancing the government’s cyber enforcement abilities. We also aim to change the narrative around cybersecurity so there is a more robust conversation around identifying, stopping, and punishing attackers through domestic and international cooperation rather than simply blaming the victims of attacks.

The goals of this Initiative require such a radical re-envisioning of the government that it cannot be resolved in a single report, or single year, but it will take dedicated effort over a sustained period of time to achieve the results we seek.

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Published October 29, 2018

Announcing the Third Way Cyber Enforcement Initiative

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Advisory Board
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Third Way Cyber Enforcement Initiative Advisory Board

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Published October 22, 2019

Third Way Cyber Enforcement Initiative Partners

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