Special Issue Cyber Enforcement Journal

Special Issue Cyber Enforcement Journal

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Third Way has partnered with the Journal of National Security Law & Policy to produce a special issue of the peer-reviewed Journal on cybercrime enforcement. This special issue includes papers from leading experts, academics, technologists, and former government officials and explores the necessary policy and legal reforms to improve governments’ ability to catch identify, stop, and bring to justice cybercriminals.

Over seven articles, the special issue covers a range of topics. It includes both a study of the challenges to build capacity for state and local law enforcement to an in-depth examination of the global developments in cybercrime cooperation and the major challenges to building the capacity of criminal justice actors. It includes a review of the use of criminal charges as a response to nation-state hacking, as well two different perspectives, one from the public sector, and one from the private sector, on cybercrime metrics. Finally, it includes examination of existing domestic and international juris prudence on interpreting legal terms around the CLOUD Act, and implications from the Act on transnational government hacking.

To read the full special issue of the Journal of National Security Law & Policy click here.

You can also read the articles individually here:

1. Countering the Cyber Enforcement Gap: Strengthening Global Capacity on Cybercrime

Allison Peters & Amy Jordan


2. Persistent Enforcement: Criminal Charges as a Response to Nation-State Malicious Cyber Activity

Garrett Hinck & Tim Maurer


3. Challenges and Opportunities in State and Local Cybercrime Enforcement

Maggie Brunner


4. Full Count?: Crime Rate Swings, Cybercrime Misses and Why We Don’t Really Know the Score

Eileen Decker


5. Advancing Accurate and Objective Cybercrime Metrics

Stephen Cobb


6. Defining the Scope of “Possession, Custody, or Control” for Privacy Issues and the CLOUD Act

Justin Hemmings, Sreenidhi Srinivasan & Peter Swire


7. Transnational Government Hacking

Jennifer Daskal

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