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The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic recession have quickly forced higher education to face a new reality with stark challenges at all levels. Congress has already begun working to stem the immediate impact of the pandemic on students and institutions through its initial COVID-19 stimulus packages, but we know that this is the tip of the iceberg for ongoing stimulus, legislative, and regulatory action that will critically shape higher education's future.

The ACADEMIX Upshot series aims to equip lawmakers with the actionable, evidence-based information they need to consider how their decisions will impact student outcomes and the behavior of colleges and universities by partnering with academic researchers to deliver timely and relevant information. And to check out our series of long-form research on other key issues facing our nation’s higher ed system, click here.

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Published December 16, 2022

How Social Belonging Impacts Retention at Broad-Access Colleges

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Published October 14, 2021

Unforced Errors: How One Simple Fix Could Improve Student Loan Repayment

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Published September 2, 2020

What We Know About the Cost and Quality of Online Education