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The work of academic researchers is crucial to informing how public policy is made. Unfortunately, that work isn’t always widely read or easily accessible to those working on the policymaking front lines. That’s why we’ve created the ACADEMIX series.

ACADEMIX is composed of research-driven papers that translate academic findings on the key issues facing higher education today into a highly readable and relevant format for federal policymakers. Throughout this series, we seek to challenge conventional wisdom by breaking down research that uncovers the true value of a postsecondary degree and the strategies best poised to improve access, quality, and accountability across the higher education system for years to come. Whether it is through lessons learned from state policy or better understanding the economic risk students today face, this series aims to inform the discussion in Washington, DC, as policymakers look to reauthorize the Higher Education Act and beyond.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis and the need for quick and actionable research to make its way to policymakers, Third Way is now collecting submissions for a shorter series called ACADEMIX Upshot. To learn more and to submit a proposal, please click here.