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Strategic investments in clean energy technologies can lead to significant, lasting benefits for the US economy by 2050. A landmark set of two reports by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), commissioned by Third Way and Breakthrough Energy, shows how the US can create a unique advantage across ten clean energy technologies and capture a significant cut of an estimated $130 trillion market. Breaking down the value chain for each technology, from the raw materials to the manufacturing process to product off-take to after-market services, the reports show how we can apply smart policies to sharpen our competitive edge in an evolving global market and create millions of long-lasting jobs. The result will boost the American economy and help spread clean, affordable, and reliable energy on a global scale–and when America leads in clean energy, the world benefits.

To streamline access to our wide range of helpful resources, we have compiled a convenient and centralized collection of material, seamlessly broken down by each clean energy technology type, for policymakers, researchers, and clean energy enthusiasts looking to learn more about US competitiveness and how policy can strengthen America’s advantage.

Potential for US Competitiveness in Emerging Clean Technologies

This comprehensive report analyzes the first six clean technologies, assessing each segment of their respective value chains and identifying opportunities for the US to establish a durable competitive advantage in the global market. This Appendix has additional data and analysis behind the report. And below you’ll find a memo for each technology outlining Third Way's policy recommendations to enhance US competitiveness, and a slide deck showing an assessment of how recently passed legislation is impacting the technology's cost and deployment.

Electric Vehicles

Clean Steel

Advanced Nuclear Small Modular Reactors

Low-Carbon Hydrogen

Long Duration Energy Storage

Direct Air Capture

Two Paths to US Competitiveness in Clean Technologies Report

This report examines US competitiveness in four additional clean energy technologies and provides insights on how the US can strategically position itself as a leader across key clean energy value chain segments. See Report Appendix for more detailed data and analysis. And look below for information on how federal policy can boost America’s advantage in each technology.


Offshore Wind


Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

For more information on US competitiveness and how to use these documents, please contact Third Way’s Senior Resident Fellow, Ellen Hughes-Cromwick.

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