Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

Ellen joined Third Way’s Climate and Energy program to help move the national debate forward as US transitions to clean energy.

Prior to coming to Third Way, Ellen has worked across the global landscape in the private sector and in public service. She established her career working as chief global economist at Ford Motor Company, providing insights and analysis on the global economy and how economic development creates jobs and opportunity for people in all sectors of the economy.

Ellen served as Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of Commerce where she worked on several Administration initiatives improving data quality, measuring the digital economy, and expanding workforce development, manufacturing, trade and investment. Ellen also supported the development of the Administration’s economic forecast.

From her early days in upstate New York as the daughter of a teacher and a nurse, Ellen has been interested in the role of economic development and education in expanding opportunity. She served as President of the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), and is on the advisory board of WorkingNation and MacroPolicy Perspectives. At NABE, she is a member of the organization’s Foundation board of directors, and has worked to establish NABE’s premier education initiative. She feels lucky to engage students from diverse backgrounds who want a career using economics.

Ellen earned her Masters’ degree in international development and Ph.D. in economics at Clark University, and now serves on their Board of Trustees. She loves family and athletics. When not at work, Ellen spends time with her husband and kids who are now young adults.

Contact Ellen at [email protected]

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