Xiavian Brown

Xiavian grew up completely surrounded by computers, gizmos, and gadgets. His father owned a computer repair business, and Xiavian developed a natural affinity, curiosity, and ability with just about anything that communicated in the language of 0s and 1s. Still, Xiavian was on a path to a career in psychology until an unbridled seven months in South Africa shifted things dramatically. Xiavian realized then that he could never outrun his first true love.

There’s a rather prevalent collection of stereotypes when it comes to the field of Information Technology and the professionals daring enough to work within it. Xiavian takes pride in breaking every single one of them. While IT work is often viewed as a reactive break-fix cycle, Xiavian takes ownership of IT systems and equipment, anticipates issues, and prepares for the frequent updates and trends in the IT workspace. Xiavian energetically manages all the information systems and cybersecurity at Third Way, bouncing from one office to the next, ensuring all staff are equipped with the digi-tools necessary to give our country a few updates of its own.  Fresh and effective technology solutions is the end-goal—seeking them out, designing them, and implementing them is a job he thoroughly enjoys.

When he’s not at Third Way, Xiavian runs operations for a local all-star cheerleading program and provides event planning services to a collection of organizations and individuals. Xiavian has also lent his technological expertise to a local organization that teaches technology and IT concepts to middle and high school students by helping them design video games. Xiavian holds a Bachelor of Science from Johns Hopkins University.


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