When asked where she is from originally, Lindsay will often preface the answer by saying she is an Army brat. That detail is a crucial factor for understanding her academic path and her relationship to her “home” state, Alabama. After having lived more than ten years in Alabama, she has come to accept that she is technically an Alabamian, although her political leanings, like those of her hometown of Huntsville, can differ quite markedly from the rest of the state. 

After graduating from the University of Alabama, Lindsay earned a master’s degree from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, focusing on energy, resources and the environment. During her studies, Lindsay interned with the Department of Commerce Office of Energy and Environmental Industries, where she focused on environmental technologies, and then Energy Futures Initiative, where she researched clean energy technologies and innovation. Lindsay has pursued academic and professional opportunities related to smart cities, clean energy, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

As the Clean Energy Fellow at Third Way, Lindsay conducts research and advocates for policies that promote innovation and deployment of a wide variety of low-carbon technologies.



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