Kylie initially became interested in politics when she visited Washington DC for the first time. Her mom embarrassingly asked a Capitol police officer if she could take a picture with him. The officer went on to tell Kylie that she could become the youngest Member of Congress, and then asked “How old are you? 12?” (She was 16). Her interest was piqued, so she did what any high schooler would do—she watched Parks & Recreation. While she has no interest in running for public office, she became passionate about the capability for policy to help millions of people. She went on to UC Berkeley where she earned a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Environmental Economics and Policy. In college she was involved in student advocacy, Dem politics, and campaign work, volunteering for Senator Warren’s campaign for President.

Kylie serves as an advisor to the Social Policy, Education, and Politics program and the Economic program, as well as the Executive Vice President for Policy. Before joining Third Way, Kylie worked for the For Our Future Action Fund, interned in the US House of Representatives for Congresswoman Barbara Lee, and interned for Environment America. She’s passionate about social policy, health policy, and environmental policy and hopes to work on these issues on the Hill someday.

In her free time, Kylie enjoys movie and game nights with her friends, finding free events in DC, and annoying her menace of a cat, Luna.

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