Growing up, Isabelle’s parents understood the importance of learning about one’s country while also educating their children on their own cultural backgrounds. So to make their wishes come true, they took Isabelle and her sister on cross-country road trips in a truck with a pop-up camper and their German Shepherd. With every stop at a National Park, Isabelle’s love for nature and desire to preserve it grew. These trips ignited a spark that led her to visit all 50 states, and eventually into a career in environmental science.

Prior to joining Third Way, Isabelle earned a B.S. in Environmental Science and minors in Nonprofit Management, Biology, and Geospatial Technologies from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. While attending university, Isabelle received the Dept. of State’s Gilman International Scholarship to study abroad in the Galapagos Islands, where she learned about international conservation and climate resiliency. In 2019, she researched with NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Lab focusing on ocean acidification, and during her final year at college, she co-founded and was the former President of 350 UNCW, a local chapter of

Isabelle serves as a Policy Advisor to the Climate and Energy Program. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and baking.

Published June 7, 2021

Utilities, Cities, and States with Clean Energy Targets


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