Andres first developed his passion for energy and environmental policy while living in a heavily polluted city in East China at age twenty-four briefly after graduating from college, where he spent his free time reading about earth science and climate change. Newly informed about the extent of the climate crisis, he committed to spending his career helping organizations and governments achieve greenhouse gas abatement targets.

Following his commitment, Andres worked at an environmental markets company that forms part of the Mexican Stock Exchange where he oversaw a carbon pricing simulation project for greenhouse gas-intensive firms. He then worked in Ethiopia at the International Water Management Institute evaluating the economic and environmental impact of subsidizing solar irrigation technology for farmers. This provided the Agricultural Transformation Agency of Ethiopia guidelines for policy design.

At Third Way, Andres serves as the Climate and Energy Fellow. He conducts quantitative research on alternatives to decarbonize the grid and works with our policy team to produce new ideas, research, and insights.

Andres earned his Master of Public Policy from UC San Diego, with a specialization in Energy and Environmental Policy. During his time at the university, he conducted research on the Western Electricity Coordinating Council and Baja California power grids, cap-and-trade, geothermal energy, and deep decarbonization policies. In his free time, Andres enjoys reading and watching science-fiction, going on hikes and grabbing Asian food or craft beer with friends.

Published February 4, 2020

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Published January 9, 2020

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