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The Suburbs Project

What is the key to victory in 2020? The suburbs. In 2016, Donald Trump became President because he won the suburbs. In 2018, Democrats carried the House because they won the suburbs. As go the suburbs in 2020, so goes the White House, Senate and House.

Third Way launched a new project focused on understanding the complexity of the suburbs and how to build on recent progressive gains in these communities that tip the electoral scales. We are focusing public opinion research on these pivotal voters—with an eye to the battleground states that determine majorities—to understand how they are viewing the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, and the political landscape, as well as the messages and issues that are resonating with them.

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The suburbs are not what trump thinks
Published August 26, 2020

The suburbs are not what Trump thinks

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Published August 19, 2020

Taking on Trump: It’s the Economy and COVID-19, Stupid

Covid economics background
Published August 21, 2020

Battleground Suburbs Economic Recovery Survey

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Published July 28, 2020

20/20 Vision: What It Will Take to Close the Sale in the Suburbs

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Published July 13, 2020

What Can We Learn from Bellwether Counties in Swing States?

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Published July 10, 2020

In the Midwest, Dem Districts are Marching to the Suburbs

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Washington Post

Black voters are also suburban voters

Third Way Launches Major New Project to Win the Suburbs
Press Release
Published January 6, 2020

Third Way Launches Major New Project to Win the Suburbs