Taxpayers’ Blank Check for Higher Ed

Taxpayers’ Blank Check for Higher Ed

Taxpayers invest billions of dollars each year to support our country’s colleges and universities. However, the federal government has a pretty limited toolbox for making sure that money is being spent wisely—meaning that far too often, taxpayers end up footing the bill to keep the doors open at schools where students end up worse off than when they started. To make sure taxpayers are getting a good return on their investment, lawmakers must take student outcomes into account so that taxpayer dollars only go to the colleges that improve students’ lives.

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Learn more about the college quality crisis

We've documented...

...billions in tax dollars fund the lowest performing institutions,

...the quality crisis at America's private, non-profit colleges, and

...poor outcomes at many public colleges.

And we've explained the limited protections in place—where they help, and where they fall short.

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