14 Things You Might Not Know About Obamacare

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The Affordable Care Act improves health care coverage for nearly all Americans, but did you know it also has these benefits? 

  1. Ensures that nursing mothers get break times at work and a private place other than a bathroom to use a breast pump.1 It also provides coverage for a breast pump without a copay or deductible.2
  2. Requires insurers to give women direct access to OB/GYN physicians without a referral from a primary care provider.3
  3. Provides coverage for services not previously covered for people with autism, like speech therapy for a child who hasn’t learned to talk.4  
  4. Requires members of Congress to get the same coverage through the same insurance exchanges as other Americans.5
  5. Reduces job lock, which keeps employees with health care problems from switching jobs.6
  6. Gives employees information about the cost of their health care benefits on their annual W-2 from their employer.7
  7. Creates a federal standard for essential health benefits and constrains states from mandating more costly benefits by requiring them to pay for the extra cost.8
  8. Covers opiate addiction with comprehensive services ranging from addiction treatment and anti-craving medication, to family counseling and home health visits.9 It also ends addiction as a pre-existing condition for purchasing health insurance.10
  9. Prevents insurance companies from charging higher premiums or discriminating against gun owners just as it does for people with pre-existing conditions.11
  10. Creates pharmaceutical marketing oversight through a single, nationwide system of disclosure of gifts and other payments to providers and replaces the patchwork of conflicting state laws.12
  11. Requires fast food restaurants to display calories on menus so consumers have more information to make their individual choices.13
  12. Gives seniors free preventive care services through Medicare.14
  13. Provides black lung benefits through disability insurance by ending coverage disputes between miners and mine companies.15
  14. Provides Medicare coverage to victims of airborne asbestos fibers from mines in Libby, Montana.16

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