Nuclear Energy Policy Roadmap

Nuclear Energy Policy Roadmap

Nuclear Energy Policy Roadmap

The U.S. has an opportunity to take meaningful action on climate, create well-paid jobs, and maintain global leadership on security issues by supporting our existing nuclear fleet and promoting the development of advanced reactors. To reap these benefits, though, Congress needs to act. Luckily, we have some ideas and we’re happy to share them.

Below, you’ll find suggestions for bills to introduce, hearings to hold, existing legislation to cosponsor, and the numbers to include in appropriations requests. We’ll update this page as technology and policy needs evolve—so check back often.

What's Moving Now

Supportive of advanced nuclear but not ready to write a whole new bill? You’re in luck – there are bills in each chamber that your boss can cosponsor (we’ll even help you write the memo).

S. 97

H.R. 431

H.R. 590

S. 512

H.R. 1551

S. 666


Hearing Ideas

In some cases, the challenges and opportunities surrounding nuclear need closer examination before moving to legislative solutions. Here are five topics Congress should dig into to ensure we’re taking full advantage of the benefits of advanced nuclear.

Competing in Global Markets Nuclear Financial Incentives Hearing Idea: Nuclear Fuel Supply Challenges
Power Market Reform The Need for Flexible Base Resources on the Grid  

New Policy Ideas

Congress has a role to play in making sure nuclear energy has a future in the U.S., and that America regains its global leadership in this vital industry. Here, we’ll lay out prospects for new legislation to help get the job done, as well as budget-line specific recommendations on appropriations.

  • Re-organizing the Office of Nuclear Energy: The Office of Nuclear Energy (NE) has done some great work recently, including updating their management structure to reflect the changing needs of the advanced reactor industry. Now, it’s time for Congress to finish the job by updating NE’s programattic structure.
  • FY18 Appropriations Recommendations (Coming soon)
  • Nuclear209


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