Health Equity Spotlight

HG Health Equity Spotlight Series

Health Equity Spotlight

Rampant inequities in our health care system have persisted for decades, and little progress has been made to reaching a more just system. Consider these facts: The uninsured rate is 2.5 times higher for Hispanics; Black people are 3.6 times more likely to go into medical debt; and maternal mortality rates for Black and Asian and Pacific Islander women are over three and two times higher, respectively, compared to the rate for white women.

Minority communities are more likely to have chronic conditions, experience worse health outcomes, and less likely to receive preventative care. Our nation’s health care system will not succeed until it offers quality care and prevention to everyone. To that end, the Health Equity Spotlight is a monthly series of short pieces that explore disparities in our health care system and highlight practical solutions to make health care more equitable.

HG Why the Lack of Diverse Physicians Matters v2 02
Published December 14, 2022

Why the Lack of Diverse Physicians Matters

HG Clinical Trial Diversity 01
Published November 17, 2022

Increasing Diversity in Clinical Trials

HG Health Equity Spotlight Tempalte
Published October 11, 2022

What Roe’s Fall Means for America’s Maternity Care Deserts