US must respond to IPCC findings with decisive federal action on climate

US must respond to IPCC findings with decisive federal action on climate

WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement from Josh Freed, Vice President for the Clean Energy Program:

"The IPCC report should shake any lingering complacency, delay, and denial out of every country, and spur us all to action. 
"Slashing carbon pollution in 10 years and essentially eliminating it by 2050 is the century-defining challenge. One that demands we revisit the terms of the discussion for what it means to address climate change. Given the threat our planet faces, one step we must take is to end technology tribalism in picking how we cut emissions. The IPCC makes clear, we need every tool we can get to eliminate carbon pollution. That means renewables and efficiency. It also means carbon capture, use, and removal; keeping existing nuclear plants open and building more current and advanced nuclear; energy storage; electric vehicles; and carbon-free liquid fuels. And it means more innovation to make clean energy for the electricity, industrial, and transportation sectors much cheaper and easier to adopt. The task ahead of us is too challenging and the risk of failure too great to rely on any one preferred solution.
"In many similar instances in the past 100 years, this would be a moment for the United States to shine. States can do a great deal in the absence of leadership from the Trump Administration. If the US is going to do its part and help the world avert the worst risks from climate change, however, at some point very soon we’re going to also need decisive action from the federal government."


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