Third Way’s Statement on Vice President Joe Biden’s Climate Plan

Third Way’s Statement on Vice President Joe Biden’s Climate Plan

WASHINGTON—Third Way released the following statement from Josh Freed:

“Vice President Biden has articulated exactly the kind of bold and actionable vision we need to address climate change and shock-proof our nation for the future,” said Josh Freed, Senior Vice President of Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program. “His commitment to a significant, accelerated investment in clean energy innovation and to an energy standard that meaningfully cuts climate pollution from the power sector will restore American climate leadership and safely return millions of Americans back to work in jobs that will build us back stronger. Biden’s plan represents an opportunity for states across the country—particularly beyond the Coasts in the Midwest, Southwest, and Southeast—to benefit from a clean energy transition and thrive.”

“The plan represents a technology-inclusive, equitable approach to clean energy. Here are some notable highlights:

Technologies: Biden’s plan invests $2 trillion to deploy clean energy technologies over four years. It also recognizes the unique role advanced nuclear and carbon capture technologies like direct air capture can play in curbing carbon emissions and commits to rapidly building them at home.

Clean Energy Standard: The plan includes a national CES to get to net-zero in the electricity sector by 2035 and highlights the contribution of existing carbon-free power from nuclear energy and hydropower in powering our economy.

Environmental Justice: The climate plan integrates environmental justice into decision-making on every level. It targets legacy pollution impacting communities of color and low-income families and holds polluters to task.

Workers: Biden’s plan would, for the first time, give workers across the entire clean energy economy access to good-paying union jobs and reward companies that meet high labor standards with tax incentives. It would also create a reinvigorated, climate-focused Civilian Conservation Corps.

Infrastructure: Biden would increase our competitiveness by embracing Democratic proposals to clean up our transportation sector, fix and modernize our transportation infrastructure, and procure American-made clean vehicles for new and upgraded fleets.

Innovation: The plan seeks a “historic investment” in clean energy innovation on a scale “beyond the Apollo Program.” Biden has also proposed a new agency specifically working on innovative technologies to help us reach 100% clean energy. His plan supports our national labs and surrounding communities.”

“Biden’s plan is everything that’s been missing from this White House for over three years: real leadership for all Americans that makes us safer, healthier, and creates opportunities for everyone.”


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