Third Way Statement Opposing H.R. 734

Third Way Statement Opposing H.R. 734

WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement from Lanae Erickson, Senior Vice President for Social Policy, Education, & Politics:

“Next week, the House majority will continue their efforts to stoke culture wars by bringing a bill to the floor that would ban transgender girls from playing on any sport team consistent with their gender identity—at every age, no matter the location or circumstances. This legislation inserts politics into a sensitive and complicated issue that should be decided by parents, schools, sports associations, and medical professionals—not Washington politicians.”

“We all want sports to be fair and student athletes to be safe. This bill would do nothing to achieve that goal. Rather, it would make all female athletes less safe by requiring that young girls who want to participate in sports answer personal questions about their menstrual cycle and physical development to adults they may not know—or worse, submit to genital checks. That is horribly wrong and inappropriate.”

“Questions around gender and youth sports are complicated. But this bill would let politicians make decisions for women and girls, and they have no right to do that. Our country is facing major challenges. The economy is struggling, costs are still too high, and families are working too hard to keep up. Congress should be focused on getting the country back on track—not creating political theater that would put all girls at risk.”


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