Third Way Statement on the Recent Net Neutrality Legal Decision

Third Way Statement on the Recent Net Neutrality Legal Decision

WASHINGTON — Third Way issued the following statement from Gabe Horwitz, Senior Vice President for the Economic Program:

"Over the last 15 years, there have been numerous twists and turns in the battle over net neutrality, largely stemming from ping-ponging regulations, court cases, and changing Administrations. The recent decision from the DC Circuit Court of Appeals is just the latest volley in this ever-changing debate."

"In light of the decision to largely roll back the net neutrality rules on the books, it is clear that Congress must come together and fix this issue once and for all. Consumers need certainty that they will be protected from blocking or interference when online. Internet Service Providers as well as those who provide content and services online need certainty to continue innovating and investing. Having the rules completely change with each Administration is untenable for everyone. The House and Senate need to work together and pass bipartisan legislation."


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