Third Way Statement on the Confirmation of James Kvaal as Under Secretary of Education

Third Way Statement on the Confirmation of James Kvaal as Under Secretary of Education

WASHINGTON — Third Way issued the following statement from Lanae Erickson, Senior Vice President for Social Policy & Politics:

“Today, the Senate took a vital step towards prioritizing student success in our nation’s higher education system through their confirmation of James Kvaal as Under Secretary in the Department of Education.

“Kvaal has made a career out of advocating for students and improving outcomes, having previously served as Deputy Under Secretary at the Department during the Obama Administration, and most recently serving as President of The Institute for College Access and Success.

“His appointment signals President Biden’s deep commitment to reverse the last administration’s harmful policies that put the needs of predatory colleges ahead of students and taxpayers. Kvaal cares deeply about the fate of students in our higher education system and will be laser focused on protecting them from institutions that might leave them worse off than before they started. He will put students first by pushing for greater accountability across higher education, championing investments in college completion, reinstating critical guardrails to protect consumers, and working to ensure students and their families have the information they need to make good decisions with their higher education investment.

“This is a huge and long overdue win for students and for everyone who cares about making sure Americans get a return on their investment in higher ed.

“Third Way congratulates Kvaal on his confirmation and is ready to get to work improving outcomes for all students across the country.”


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