Third Way Statement on Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Third Way Statement on Passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement from Jim Kessler, Executive Vice President for Policy:

“Yesterday, Congress took another major step toward delivering on President Biden’s promises by passing the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.

"Thanks to the leadership of the President, Speaker Pelosi, and Leader Schumer, Democrats have come together through meaningful negotiation to invest in our country’s infrastructure and get things done for the American people.

"The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal was the first step to repairing our nation’s roads and bridges, laying the groundwork for some of our most critical climate and clean energy needs, ending the digital divide and connecting everyone to broadband, and making the economy work for everyday Americans. It makes a major down payment on infrastructure to spur clean energy growth, deploy innovative clean technologies, and uplift underserved communities. It’s also a significant investment in the American workforce, and it will bring the US closer to President Biden’s promise to put millions of Americans to work in a competitive and equitable economy.

"Democrats must now continue to make progress on delivering the rest of Biden’s agenda. Passing the Build Back Better bill and investing in American families is the next step: creating jobs, capping health care costs, ensuring universal pre-K, delivering millions of working- and middle-class families the biggest tax cut in history and providing an unprecedented level of incentives to launch domestic investment in clean energy, transportation, and industry. If Democrats can achieve this, it will be a historic accomplishment for the President. Combined with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and the American Rescue Plan, it will make for one of the most successful first years in presidential history. Let’s get back to work.”


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