Third Way Applauds the Southern Border Communities Relief Act

Third Way Applauds the Southern Border Communities Relief Act

WASHINGTON — Third Way issued the following statement from Lanae Erickson, Senior Vice President for Social Policy & Politics:

"Our communities on the southern border are facing immense challenges. Outdated and ineffective federal policies have left them responding, largely on their own, to a full-blown humanitarian crisis. In just one example, Deming, New Mexico, a community with a population of just 14,000, has supported 10,000 asylum applicants since May, at a cost of nearly $17,000 a day. Towns like Deming are going above and beyond to respond to these extraordinary circumstances and exemplify the best of our values as a nation. It’s time that the federal government stops shirking its responsibilities and brings serious solutions and assistance to these communities."

"We commend Rep. Torres Small for bringing the Southern Border Communities Relief Act, to Congress, a bill that would provide critical relief to communities across our southern border. The Southern Border Communities Relief Act would replenish our border communities $60 million over the next three years to pay them back for the humanitarian support they have already provided. The bill also creates robust requirements for Customs and Border Protection to institute critical standard protocols for the release of asylum applicants, ensuring that our border communities are not left to pick up the pieces of a broken immigration system again. This is exactly the kind of common sense legislation that Congress should enact right now. The communities on our border represent the best of America, and they deserve it."


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