Recommended Reading: A Library of Terrorism Resources


Below you can find a series of helpful resources on terrorism for further reading, drawn from governmental and reputable non-governmental institutions. The experts at Third Way consider these resources particularly helpful for those investigating the causes, consequences, and steps to combat terrorism.

Terrorism Data

Terrorist Attacks Since 2000 (Brilliant Maps)

Mapping ISIS Sanctuary in Iraq and Syria (Institute for the Study of War)

ISIS-Related Attacks Since January 2015 (New York Times)

Global Terrorism Database (University of Maryland)
Easily manipulated information on more than 140,000 terrorist incidents.

Terrorism Prosecutions Since 9/11 (Anti-Defamation League)
Basic data on terrorism prosecutions from 9/11 until 2016.

Terror Plots and Prosecutions (Department of Justice)
Detailed list on thwarted terror plots, indictments, and convictions from 2009 until 2015.

Major Terrorism Cases (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
Major terrorism cases up until 2013; does not capture all terrorism indictments since 9/11.

Terrorist Trial Report Card, 2001-2011 (New York University School of Law)
Exhaustive audit of ten years of post-9/11 terrorism trials.

Guantanamo Bay Data (American Civil Liberties Union)
Cost and operation of the military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay.

Operation Inherent Resolve (Defense Department)
Official, regularly updated data on counter-ISIS operations in Iraq and Syria.

Terrorist Leaders Killed in Pakistan (Long War Journal)

Strikes in Somalia, 2003 – 2016 (Long War Journal)

Strikes in Pakistan, 2004 – 2016 (Long War Journal)

Strikes in Yemen, 2003 – 2016 (Long War Journal)

Foreign Terrorism

Foreign Terrorist Organizations (State Department)
Official designation of every foreign terrorist group.

Country Reports on Terrorism (State Department)
Exhaustive terrorist threat assessments by region and country.

Most Wanted Terrorists (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

Timeline of Al Qaeda (Frontline)

General Background on Terrorist Groups

Homegrown Terrorism

Homegrown Violent Extremism (Justice Department)

Online Radicalization to Violent Extremism (Justice Department)

Domestic Terrorist Attacks Since 9/11 (Vox)

Homegrown Extremism, 2001-2015 (New America Foundation)
Data on jihadist and non-jihadist violence since 2001.

Understanding the Phenomenon of Terrorism

A Global Strategy to Address Terrorism (9/11 Commission)
An indispensable guide to countering the phenomenon of terrorism.

Understanding Terrorist Ideology (RAND Corporation)
Senate testimony that explains how terrorists recruit individuals and draw support from likeminded communities.

Understanding Terrorism (American Psychological Association)
General personal characteristics common to many terrorists.