Community Thoughts on “The Dangerous Illusion of a Presidential Third Party in 2024”

Community Thoughts on “The Dangerous Illusion of a Presidential Third Party in 2024”

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We know there are many opinions on what a third party will mean for the 2024 presidential election, which is why we gathered thoughts about the report from a variety of political community leaders.

The reality of American politics is that we have two major political parties. Third Way’s report makes clear why a third-party presidential candidate has no viable path to victory—and historically never has. It is very likely that Donald Trump or a MAGA loyalist is going to secure the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, and a third-party candidate would only help them in November.

- Sarah Longwell, co-founder of The Bulwark

Dividing the opposition to Trumpism is likely to prove a fateful mistake. Building a united front against a systemic threat should command all our energies.

- Stephen Skowronek, Presidential Historian

This report is a map showing that a third-party presidential bid, like searching for Atlantis, is a fun fantasy that will only end in disaster.

 - Liam Kerr, cofounder of The Welcome Party

People who wish to defeat an extremist Republican Party will disagree on the strategy for accomplishing that goal. I'm in the progressive camp, others are in the centrist, and there are important disagreements amongst us. But on this topic of a third-party Presidential challenger, we are agreed. This is as irresponsible as irresponsible gets. We need new voices and new parties in America, but a 2024 general election run is simply the wrong way to build one.

- Maurice Mitchell, National Director of the Working Families Party

The best thing we can do to bring back sanity to our politics is to act sanely. A third-party candidate who runs under the banner of saving the country will be condemning it to four more years of Trump… at least.

- Hari Sevugan, Deputy Campaign Manager, Pete for America

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