Post-Election Poll: Obama Voters Say "Let's Make a Deal"

Post-Election Poll: Obama Voters Say "Let's Make a Deal"

Third Way and Benenson Strategy Group polled 800 Obama voters after the 2012 election to discover their priorities and policy preferences.

Our findings demonstrate that the Obama Coalition supports a bipartisan deal on the fiscal cliff—one that includes tax increases for the wealthy, spending cuts, and fixing Social Security and Medicare.

  • 80% of Obama voters strongly agree that “Democrats and Republicans both need to make real compromises to come to an agreement on fixing the deficit.”
  • 82% say that should include both tax increases and spending cuts, with only 5% of Obama voters favoring tax increases alone and 10% preferring only spending cuts.
  • 79% of Obama voters believe it would be better for the country if the President and Congress made changes to fix Social Security and Medicare than if they made no changes.

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