Innovative Ideas to Improve Patient Care

Innovative Ideas to Improve Patient Care

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Innovative Ideas to Improve Patient CareWhile there remains a significant gulf between the Right and the Left on health care reform, we believe there is opportunity to find common ground. Our health policy team is developing policy ideas that cut waste in health care by removing one of the prime drivers of it: obstacles to quality patient care.

This approach directly improves the patient experience—when patients stay healthy, or get better quicker, they need less care. Our proposals come from innovative ideas pioneered by health care professionals and organizations, and show how to scale successful pilots from red and blue states. Together, they make cutting waste a policy agenda instead of a mere slogan.

Each policy report includes several accompanying tools—from economic modeling to a catalog of local organizations that are leading the effort to make patient-centered changes across the country.

  1. Medical Discussion Guides: Less Confusion, Better Decisions for Patients
  2. Prevent Diabetes
  3. Make Telehealth an Easy Way for Patients to Get Care
  4. Make Health Care More Convenient and Coordinated with Medical Homes
  5. Help Consumers Shop for High Value Health Care
  6. A Lifetime Electronic Health Record for Every American
  7. Treating the Whole Person: Integrating Behavioral and Physical Health Care
  8. A Spoonful of Sugar: Helping People Take Their Medicine
  9. Rethinking Medicare Enrollment: Make High-Value Health Coverage the Easy Choice
  10. Give Medicare Beneficiaries Complete Information About Their Plans
  11. A Better End of Life
  12. A Path to Recovery for Americans With Serious Mental Illness
  13. Coordinate Care for the Most Vulnerable
  14. Bundled Payments: A Stable Foundation for Medicare Financing
  15. Provide High-Cost Medicare Beneficiaries with Highly Valued Care
  16. How to Make Life Better for People with Kidney Disease