Third Way is a national think tank that champions modern center-left ideas. Our agenda is built on the bedrock belief that for political movements to succeed in our political system, they must relentlessly reimagine their policies, strategies, and coalitions. We are fighting for opportunity, so everyone has the chance to earn a good life; progress on social issues, so all have the freedom to live the lives they choose; and security, so we are protected from the global threats of the 21st century. 

Take your career to the next level at Third Way. We are committed to the professional development of our staff. As a member of our team, creativity and collaboration are encouraged and expected. Our new office space was specially designed to facilitate team projects and allow for groups large and small to brainstorm, discuss an idea or proposal, or map out a strategy.

Third Way is an equal opportunity employer – women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Senior Executive Assistant

Third Way is a national think tank that develops and champions modern, center-left ideas.

Job description

Third Way is looking for a Senior Executive Assistant who reports to and support the President and the SVP of Policy. This positions works closely with the Business Operations and Finance Teams, in addition to other program areas.

As the Senior Executive Assistant, you will have to major areas of responsibilities:

Senior Executive Support – 60%

1. Manage two calendars to ensure schedules are handled and organized in an efficient and professional manner, including:

  • Scheduling internal and external meetings.
  • Organizing and coordinating travel logistics, itineraries, and agendas.
  • Regularly reminding senior executives of their commitments, calendar obligations, and weekly to-do lists.

2. Plan and senior executive staff meetings, conference calls, and staff events, including regular management committee meetings and all-staff meetings.

3. Keep senior executives informed of and prepared for upcoming commitments and responsibilities:

  • Prepare briefing materials for meetings and travel.
  • Draft, proofread, and/or edit a wide range of internal communications, reports, talking points, and presentations.
  • Draft correspondences to external contacts.

4. Complete administrative tasks for senior executives, including:

  • Track, monitor, and reconcile monthly expenses and credit card receipts.
  • Other administrative tasks, as needed.

5. Continually and proactively identify areas for additional support in alignment with organizational needs.

Board of Trustees Support – 40%

1. Provide administrative support and serve as the secondary contact (the President is the primary contact) for the Board of Trustees and their associated staff, including:

  • Establishing warm relationships with Board of Trustees staff and communicating with the Board in a professional, proactive manner.
  • Monitoring communications with the Board to ensure all deliverable and follow-up correspondences are handled efficiently and effectively.
  • Coordinating and scheduling all meetings between the President and the Board.

2. Provide fundraising support to the President related primarily to the Board of Trustees but also to a small group of non-Board donors, including:

  • Creating and sending invoices for current donors.
  • Conducting research on prospective donors, presenting findings in reports.
  • Maintaining an active donor database with all meetings the President has had with donors and each donor’s complete giving history.
  • Completing regular contribution reports for the President so he can track annual giving progress and project contributions for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Partnering with the Development and External Affairs team to develop prospect lists and identify new individual prospects for the President.
  • Monitoring the stewardship process to ensure the President follows-up with donors after their contribution has been received.
  • Ensuring that all required fundraising documentation—including acknowledgement letters, grant agreements, check receipts, etc.—are properly recorded and saved.
  • Proactively brainstorm new ideas for the identification, cultivation, and maintenance of new prospects and propose more efficient methods for tracking and recording information for optimal relationship-building between the President and donors.

3. Manage all aspects of event planning for Board of Trustees meetings, including:

  • Selecting meeting and dinner venues and required A/V equipment for each meeting.
  • Drafting emails for the President to send to the Board of Trustees with relevant logistical information for upcoming meetings.
  • Collecting RSVPs for each meeting and providing the President with regular attendance updates.
  • Preparing meeting resolutions, agendas, and other materials in advance of each meeting, compiling relevant documents into folders for distribution to Trustees.
  • Attending the Board meetings to provide logistical support and record meeting minutes.
  • Maintaining Board of Trustee roster and renewal terms.

4. Support the President’s communications efforts with the Board of Trustees, including:

  • Overseeing projects to write, edit, and distribute monthly Board of Trustees emails providing an inner look into Third Way’s relevant work and impact.
  • Assisting the President with drafting of regular email correspondences to the Board, oftentimes sending these emails directly to the Board from the President’s email account.
  • Tracking the President’s correspondences with the Board of Trustees to ensure proper follow-up and deliverables.


This might be the job for you, if you…

  • Enjoy working collaboratively with others
  • Keep others on track and informed
  • Creatively solve problems
  • Pay attention to details and take pride in your work.
  • Are curious and eager to learn to think.
  • Think on your feet and adapt to changes effortlessly.
  • Communicate clearly in writing and speak eloquently and you are comfortable explaining to others the mission of Third Way.
  • Are motivated and driven by your passion to build sustainable solutions.
  • You want to make a difference and an imprint as Third Way’s newest Senior Executive Assistant.

In the Third Way Culture, we are looking for…

  • Self-starters: People who see and seize opportunities, take risks, learn from failure, and will bring a sustained passion for our mission.
  • Collaborators: People who work in teams—sharing ideas, brainstorming, co-authoring products, and advancing its shared priorities.
  • Creators: People who fosters divergent thinking; that aren’t afraid to take on the orthodoxies of the left or the right. Team members come up with original insights, find unique ways to look at data, and challenge their preconceptions.
  • Results-oriented: People who function with an organizational commitment to clear objectives, ambitious timelines, accountability for results, and a focus on impact.


Third Way is an equal opportunity employer; women, minorities, and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.