The Situation in Yemen

The collapse of the Hadi government in Yemen on Jan. 22-23 at the hands of Houthi rebels has plunged Yemen into chaos. Amidst the political vacuum, tens of thousands of protestors marched on Jan. 24 in Sana'a in support of President Hadi's government. The takeover culminated months of gains by the Houthi movement, which seeks greater representation in government ministries and on a committee to rewrite the country's constitution.

As the U.S. pulls more staff from the embassy in Sana'a and navigates a complicated political landscape, Third Way urges:

  1. The U.S. to call on all parties to refrain from violence and emphasize support for a reconstituted Yemeni state, with adequate representation for all groups.
  2. A new, representative Yemeni government that affords opportunity for representation consistent with the outcomes of Yemen's National Dialogue process.
  3. Reconstitution of a functioning Yemeni government critical to joint US-Yemeni counterterrorism efforts against Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula—especially given AQAP links to recent terrorist attacks in France.
  4. U.S. counterterrorism efforts continue to the fullest extent possible, sharing information and coordinating with Yemenis when in U.S. interests.