Democratic Platform Leaves the Door Wide Open for Nuclear and Carbon Capture

Democratic Platform Leaves the Door Wide Open for Nuclear and Carbon Capture


Over the weekend, the committee responsible for developing the Democratic Party’s campaign platform released an initial draft of its work. While the draft does not explicitly mention nuclear energy or carbon capture, two low-carbon baseload technologies that will be critical in the fight against climate change, we are confident that these important climate tools will not be excluded from the Party’s message this election cycle or from Democratic policy going forward. Here’s why:

  • The Committee wisely took a “technology-neutral” approach to meeting our emissions goals—focusing on getting the job done instead of picking which tools can and can’t be used. This is the same approach that President Obama and the U.S. delegation successfully advocated for at the Paris climate conference, which is specifically referenced in the draft platform.
  • John Podesta, the Chair of the Clinton campaign, applauded the draft platform on Twitter, adding that “Dems stand behind a North American climate pact. 50% clean electricity by 2025…” The pact he is referring to here is a trilateral agreement announced today by the leaders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. This ambitious commitment to get 50% of the continent’s electricity from clean sources specifically recognizes the role of nuclear and carbon capture.

 The draft will be taken up for approval when the full Platform Committee meets in Orlando on July 7-8. If the “Climate and Clean Energy” section stays in its current form, we will be satisfied that vital technologies like nuclear and carbon capture are likely to be recognized by a future Clinton Administration and other Democrats for their ability to contribute to the climate solution.

 We have not yet seen the Republican platform. But if it’s anything like the Trump energy speech on May 26th, it would mean a catastrophic set-back in our nation’s ability to fight climate change.

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