Theres An App For That Hero

There's an App for That

Traditionally, nuclear plants are known for doing one thing and doing it really well: producing huge amounts of clean and reliable power, ’round-the-clock. But with a new generation of reactors headed for the market, we could see nuclear expand to all kinds of useful applications. Need a more flexible power source to keep up with wind and solar? Want onsite generation for added reliability—and on a tiny footprint? Looking for a way to ditch your dirty diesel generators? Need high-temperature heat for an industrial facility? The advanced nuclear reactors being developed right now could cover all of those applications and then some. With the right kinds of policy support, we could see these technologies up and running in the next decade, and providing communities with affordable, carbon-free ways to meet their diverse energy needs.

See what tomorrow’s reactors could do. Advanced Nuclear: There’s an App for That.

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    Aaron Elliot
    Former Policy Advisor, Clean Energy Program