National Health Expenditure Savings - Medical Discussion Guides

National Health Expenditure Savings - Medical Discussion Guides

Doctor Patient Discussion

This analysis looks at extending the medical discussion guides policy to the under 65 population. Modeling specifications for extending Medicare policies to the under 65 population are from Third Way.

In summary, projected savings to Medicare total $9.3 billion over the 10-year period (2015-2024), projected savings to Medicaid total $3.3 billion, projected savings to private health insurance (PHI) total $4.3 billion and projected savings to out-of-pocket spending (OOP) total $1.4 billion. Projected Medicaid savings are split by the federal government and by states using the average Federal Medical Assistance Percentage for states in FY2015 (59%). Total projected savings including Medicare, Medicaid, PHI and OOP total $18.3 billion.

To read this Report, open the attached PDF.

  • Health Care Costs94
  • Affordable Care Act50


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