Third Way Statement on the Anniversary of the Insurrectionist Riot of January 6, 2021

Third Way Statement on the Anniversary of the Insurrectionist Riot of January 6, 2021

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“It is important in our civic life to pause to remember heroism and sacrifice in the face of evil. So today, we join the rest of civilized America in reflecting on our collective debt to the Capitol and Metro Police officers who battled for hours with a mob intent on invading our republic’s most sacred spaces and committing violence against some of our most senior leaders. It cost some officers their lives, and many others suffered grievous injuries to their bodies, their psyches, or both. We join a grateful nation in saluting their courage and devotion to duty.

“But another important exercise on this awful anniversary is to work to ensure that January 6 remains only past and not prologue. The former president who sparked the insurrectionist violence has continued his seditionist rantings, and his party’s elected officials – including most Republicans in Congress – have become his Amen Choir. One year ago, 147 Republicans members of the House and Senate voted against their nation, their Constitution, and their oath by refusing to certify the democratically elected Joe Biden. One year later, many of these same members as well as others are engaged in an active plot to steal the next presidential election, after Trump and the rioters failed to do so last time. We will use this solemn day to vow to do everything we possibly can to stop them.”


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