Third Way Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Third Way Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement from Valerie Shen, Vice President for National Security:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin’s full-scale military invasion against Ukraine is utterly indefensible, tragic, and a threat to every citizen of the free world. It is heartbreaking to watch Ukrainians across the country desperately seeking shelter or fleeing for their lives. Dozens of Ukrainians have already been killed and deaths of innocent civilians will only grow in the days and weeks ahead. Not since World War II has Europe seen a tyrant instigate a ground war of this scale to subjugate another sovereign nation. Just as the Biden Administration warned, Putin has used false pretext and outrageous lies to justify his pre-planned war to destroy Ukraine.

"In this moment of global crisis, we are grateful to see responsible leaders of both parties stand for freedom and security in Europe. That is in marked contrast to the statements and actions of former President Donald Trump who tried to dismantle NATO and did nothing but give Putin everything he wanted for free. Donald Trump’s disturbing, fawning adoration of the tyrannical Putin continues to this day. Putin is not a “genius” for falsely declaring regions in Ukraine independent or a “peacekeeper” with his missile strikes on innocent Ukrainian cities. We may never know how much former President Trump’s weakness and affection toward Putin factored into his decision to invade Ukraine. We do know that it inflicted a disastrous toll on US standing in the world.

"Against all odds, President Biden achieved what Putin no longer thought possible: restored US global leadership and respect. President Biden rallied our allies around the world in unified resolve to make Russia pay dearly in economic pain and becoming a pariah on the international stage. This is exactly why what Putin fears most is a strong alliance of free democracies. The US must continue to stand with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, our NATO allies under threat, and all of our democratic partners against this unprovoked Russian invasion."


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