Third Way Applauds the Appointments of Lael Brainard and Jared Bernstein

Third Way Applauds the Appointments of Lael Brainard and Jared Bernstein

WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement from Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Senior Resident Fellow for the Climate and Energy Program:

"With the departure of the able and dedicated Brian Deese, we offer our congratulations and thank you to Federal Reserve Vice Chair Lael Brainard, who will take up the mantle as Director of the Biden Administration’s National Economic Council and to Jared Bernstein as he takes the helm as Chair of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

"With a host of new, sweeping legislation that will sustain and expand opportunities for American families in communities large and small, the President is tapping experienced, adept leaders who will be critical as we deploy new funding measures and navigate the recovering economy.

"Dr. Brainard has worked tirelessly in service to the American people in one of the nation’s most challenging economic environments. From her role at the Treasury Department during the Obama Administration to her leadership at the Federal Reserve, her skilled judgment on all manner of economic and monetary policy has improved our country’s economic standing.

“A seasoned professional with a long track record advising top policymakers over many years, Bernstein will bring his immense knowledge to support all aspects of the economic agenda and lead a talented group of economists as they dig into research on the important macroeconomic and microeconomic policy issues that are before us in 2023.

"Both Brainard and Bernstein will help us navigate debt limit negotiations, support the deployment of funding across infrastructure, chips, and clean energy, and offer tangible solutions to the rise in America’s cost of living, from drug prices to the gas pump. We look forward to their expertise and deft leadership."


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