Statement of Third Way President Jon Cowan on New Biden Administration Personnel Announcements

Statement of Third Way President Jon Cowan on New Biden Administration Personnel Announcements

WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement from President Jon Cowan:

“If press reports are accurate, the President-elect continues to build a White House team of enormous talent and diversity. Neera Tanden, a fellow think tank president, will be a fantastic OMB Director. She is a battle-tested policy expert who is widely respected for her passion and intelligence. Cecilia Rouse, the presumed nominee to chair the Council of Economic Advisers, is a celebrated labor economist, whose work is required reading for anyone looking to find the nexus between economics and public policy. And she will be joined by two other stars of the economic policy world: Heather Boushey, a brilliant and ground-breaking public policy expert whose professional life is dedicated to closing the opportunity gap and fighting for economic justice. And Jared Bernstein, one of the most respected economic policy minds in Washington with longstanding ties to all parts of the Democratic Party. Finally, Wally Adeyemo, a highly respected veteran of the Obama administration, will bring deep experience in international economics to the post of Deputy Treasury Secretary.

“We are also delighted by the reports of the first-ever all-women White House communications leadership team, to be headed by the spectacular talents of Kate Bedingfield and Jen Psaki. These two, joined by a group of standouts, are the perfect people to bring credibility and truth back to the White House podium and broader comms efforts.

“The Biden-Harris team is more than meeting their commitment to diversity at the top ranks of the cabinet and White House staff. And voters, who were demanding a return to skilled, compassionate, principled leadership, are being richly rewarded so far. This administration will be run by experienced professionals who know how to undo the damage that’s been done and move this country forward.”


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