Congress must enshrine protections of Roe v. Wade in law before a radicalized Supreme Court rips them away

Congress must enshrine protections of Roe v. Wade in law before a radicalized Supreme Court rips them away

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WASHINGTON — Third Way released the following statement:

"The leaked decision makes clear that the Supreme Court has become radicalized. The conservative majority is poised to rip away a constitutional right for the first time in history. A right that has been enshrined in law for fifty years – a right that these Republican-appointed Justices vowed in their confirmation hearings to respect – is going to be abrogated. As a consequence, countless women will suffer, and many may die. It is a dark day in America.

"This decision is not only a constitutional abomination, it is fundamentally out of step with the views of Americans of every gender, race, geography, and creed. Defending Roe v. Wade is the mainstream, moderate position supported by a wide margin of Americans. It is those fighting to overturn this precedent that are out of step with the country. Polling consistently shows that nearly 7 in 10 Americans believe Roe v. Wade should not be overturned, including 66% of Independent voters and 69% of women of reproductive age. And recent polling from Data for Progress shows there is not one single state where support for a federal ban on abortion has more than 30% support among the public.

"Americans believe that women deserve autonomy over their bodies. They deserve safe and affordable access to health care, including reproductive care. Make no mistake: with decades-old precedents being summarily discarded, all of our Constitutional rights are at risk.

"These are the consequences of Trumpsim and a dogged conservative agenda determined to take our country back to a more retrogressive era. With women’s rights under attack, lawmakers must act. Congress must pass the Women’s Health Protection Act and guarantee the protections of Roe for future generations.

"Republicans are counting on our exhaustion, our hopelessness, our retreat. We are determined to prove them wrong."


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